BrawlTools Dev Updates

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📢 @Brawl List Shutdown &
Premium Release

Monday September 19 2022
BrawList has been shut down. Forum channels will soon be activated here. @Brawl Tools upgrades to v.4.04 which includes some new Bug Fixes BrawTools Premium is now available. 🥳 Translations will be updated soon again, so stay ready 🙂

📢 Bot Status Update

Saturday August 20 2022
It's been a long time and I thought it was time for an info. Some of you have asked me: When is the next update coming? Why is it taking so long now? The reasons are relatively simple (this is not meant to be an excuse). Like any other bot, the Brawl roles bot is also written in a specific programming language.

📢 Upcoming Release Notes

Friday August 12 2022
Brawltools was founded by Bubu and me (Tredox) a while ago. Since we both developed unique bots and had a lot of fun doing this, we thought about creating our own project for it. So that we can both work more closely together and with a bit of luck get some interest for the bots.