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BrawlTools is a powerful Brawl Stars Discord Bot that includes all of your needed Commands all in one!
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What's included?

Here are just a few things that make Brawl Tools great!

Automatically Player Verification

Let your members verify themselves to get special Trophy/Club/3vs3Wins/Rank or even Brawler Rang Roles.

Brawl Stats

No matter which Brawl Stars Stats you are looking for. With BrawlTools you can view your profile, club Stats, Push Stats etc. at any time and compare them with your friends!

Club Overview

The new best way to show all of your Clubs inside one Discord Channel. The Bots creates a Club Overview with all of your existing Clubs and needed Information!

Brawl Roles

Clublogs keep you updated on every club activity, whether someone joins, gets promoted/demoted, or even kicked. Access these logs conveniently on your Discord channel!


Everyone hates Jumpers! Decide for yourself who can join your club and who should stay away! The Blacklist warns you and your club about malicious jumpers 🚫


Clublogs keep you updated on every club activity, whether someone joins, gets promoted/demoted, or even kicked. Access these logs conveniently on your Discord channel!


Everyone wants to be the best! Rank on your own Trophy, Mode, Brawler, Club-League Leaderboards and show your Club who the best is!

Brawl Events

Dont worry about the newest Brawl Events. With Brawltools you are always up to date about active and upcoming Events!"

And there’s so much more...

We've also built a bunch of other tools to help you easily manage your server and are constantly adding new features.


Player are verified with our bot


Clubs are registrated on our bot to manage their members.


Player are blacklisted by Server Owners to prevent them from joining.


Servers trust BrawlTools with doing what it does best.


These Servers trust
BrawlTools We've collaborating with numerous Organizations and Servers to enhance the quality of our Bot. These Partnerships helps us continuously work on optimizing and expanding our Bot's functionality.
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    Berlin City Club
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    CLB - Brawl Stars
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    Remaining 7
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    Tribe Gaming
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    SK Gaming
Easy Setup We know how frustrating it is when things don't work! With our simple setup you can install the bot on your server in no time without any problems. Thats why we are here!

Step 1

Invite the Bot

Invite the Bot easily to your Server by using the following Discord Bot Invite Link! Select a Server, check the Perms and invite @BrawlTools to your Server

Step 2

Setup the Bot

Once the BrawlTools Bot joined our Server, you can run the /auto-setup Command for an easy and fast Setup of the Bot. It will give you an introduction of all commands and will stay on your side if you need Help.

Step 3

Use the Bot

You did it, thats all! Just relax and see how BrawlTools is doing a great Job for you!


You still need Help? Dont worry we got you! We've created a seperate Discord Support Server where you can join to get direct Help from our Specialists & Developers!

Join the Community Supported by a network of early advocates, contributors, and champions.
Px | DefB66

"I wanted to say how much we like the bot in our community. We use it to provide roles and to have clublogs and an overview of all clubs. Also we had some great service from @Bubu who actually joined our DC to help set things up when we got stuck!"


"Amazing bot, probably one of the best bots i've ever seen. Highly recommend it!"


"Best brawl stars bot 100%, used it for years"


"This bot is a lifesaver for small communities like ours where we would like to record clubs. Also the owners are very responsive and are helpful with questions. Thanks guys!"


"I’ve been using their bot for 5 months now - updated club stats, clublogs, players stats, and even for preset teams tracking their activities in club leagues. thanks for that free bot! the main bot i use in my server."

Verglas kInG

"Thanks. Mate I had some problems with Club League not displaying in my club stats. But @Bubu helped me and is still helping in this problem. He was polite and responsive during the whole conversation."


"We've been using the bot in our server for almost 2-3 years now, and its been the backbone of our server since forever, its such a pain seeing this bot go away but hopefully it inspires other developers to make amazing creations like these that are up to the standards that this bot has, thanks a lot for everything the developer team has done, truly amazing."


"The BrawlTools Discord bot is perfect for tracking your overall progress. Additionally there are tons of functions for managing and tracking your club. Definitively the most comprehensive, easy-to-use Discord bot for Brawl Stars!"

FAQ There are always questions! Especially for this reason, we have summarized the most frequently asked questions that we were able to collect from the Community. Always check here first if you need help with something.


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