Our Mission

We believe in a professional
and more conscientious way of working..

We believe that every successful project starts with good management.
We contribute to creating a new way of working that saves the work and time of many users.
We believe that trust is built through excellence.

Our Team



Founder & Bot Developer

Hey I'm Bubu. When I first came across Brawl Stars I quickly realized that there was no good Brawl Stars Discord bot. Many were limited in their own way and had no relevance for me. So it was time to create BrawlTools. The total package - which we offer today - was the basis of what I had in mind. A good bot should not only have good features, but also be easy to use. Thats why we thought, why don't we create a bot ourselves.


Founder & Web Developer

Hey, I'm Tredox. I've been running my own Brawl Stars organization for several years now, going through ups and downs. In that time, I've accompanied Brawl Stars on its journey and gained a lot of experience. I quickly realized that there are only limited tools to run a club or organization. For this reason BrawlTools was created. We made the effort to cover all important areas to make the work easier for other leaders. Working with tools is easier than without them.

Our Values

Frequent updates

There is always something to do. In addition, we and you still have so many ideas that can be implemented. We are only at the beginning of our journey so there is still so much waiting for you

Motivated Developer Team

Everyone has Ups & Downs. That's clear, but we also see that you
like what we are working on. Therefore, this motivates us
even more and allows us to let our creativity run free.
In addition, we would not do this, if it would not be fun for us.

Long Time Experience

We are a small team but come with a lot of experience which makes us special. You could almost think we have been waiting for this day. As a team we include many years of knowledge around web/app development.


Self Improvement

With time, new things are always developing, which we are also eagerly waiting for. With the help of new technologies we could develop new functions that are probably not possible at the moment. Therefore, we also always learn new things that bring us further.


It is important to us that we work as closely as possible with our/other Communities/partners or even organizations. Because only then we see what we can improve. Therefore, we want to talk to you as transparently as possible so that we can include your ideas and suggestions at any time.