Club Blacklist

Your Club, Your Rules - Decide who can join your Club!
Always keep track of who is allowed to join your club with our blacklist.

Your new club without
jumpers or malicious players.

The era of the jumper is over!
Never waste time kicking the same players again.
Simply add players who cause trouble to the blacklist.
We will do the rest. Brawltools tracks every new player that wants
to join your club and checks if they are already blacklisted.
If this happens you will be notified on Discord immediately!


Call your blacklist at any time to be up to date.

Sometimes it can be important to see an overview with all banned players. For this we have the perfect solution. Use the interactions to switch between the blacklist pages.

Useful player statistics directly
ready for use

We have the right data for every situation.
No matter if today, this week or the complete season.
Impress other people with your advanced ingame statistics.

/blacklist add #TAG Reason

Easily add new Players to your Club Blacklist.

/blacklist remove #TAG Reason

If the player was banned wrongly, you can of course remove him from the blacklist.


Track your Blacklist Actions inside a Activiy Log!

We track every blacklist action from your club staff
to ensure that no vice or elder bans a player for the wrong reason.
Simply set an activity log for your blacklist. From that point on,
the bot will start tracking every blacklist action.