Club logs help you view your Brawl Stars Club activities directly on Discord.
Save time with starting the game and check the news
in your Discord channel instead.

Don't worry anymore that
you will miss something from your clubs!

With Clublogs we collect almost every action from your club
and show it to you directly on Discord. So you can always drop
by and stay up to date. So much power with just one bot, right?


Start your clublog today
to keep control of your clubs.

It's very easy to set up club logs. Once you set it up
you will love it!

/clublogs add #TAG #Channel

Start your Clublog to track your Club Activities

/clublogs remove #TAG #Channel

Remove/stops any Clublogs from your Club List


Wrong settings? No problem
use our Edit Commands to
edit your club logs without effort

All you need is your Brawl Stars club tag which you should
always have ready. And of course the authorization
on your server ;)

/clublogs edit-channel #TAG #Channel

Change your old Clublog Channel with a new one

/clublogs edit-role #TAG #Role

Change your old Clublog Role with a new one


Set up only what you want to see

With Clublogs Filter you can decide what you want to see
in your Clublog channels - prefer only Clublog messages
and no blacklist notifications? Just set it and we will filter it out.