📢 @Brawl List Shutdown &
Premium Release

Monday September 19 2022
by Tredox

Hello @everyone,
we hope you had a good start into the day, if not here is some good news for you ;)
We are releasing Premium and more...


🔺BrawList has been shut down and all important functions are already integrated in @Brawl Tools.
If you haven't transferred to the new bot yet, please do so within the next few days.
Your Blacklist Member will automatically transferred, but you need to setup your Logs again.

🔺Forum channels will soon be activated here, which will replace different areas on this server to improve the overview here.

🔺@Brawl Tools upgrades to v.4.04 which includes some new Bug Fixes

🔺BrawTools Premium is now available. 🥳
For this we have created you an info channel 🤝┇premium
Premium User will also get their own Channel in this Server 😉
(Current Premium servers can enjoy the power of Premium for free until the end of October).

(Edit: Translations will be updated soon again, so stay ready 🙂 )

For more information, please visit our website or contact our support.

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See ya @everyone ✌️