📢 Bot Status Update

Saturday August 20 2022
by Bubu

It's been a long time and I thought it was time for an info.
Some of you have asked me:
When is the next update coming?
Why is it taking so long now?


The reasons are relatively simple (this is not meant to be an excuse). Like any other bot, the Brawl roles bot is also written in a specific programming language. Without going deep into the matter, there is a kind of kit with tools to write a bot.

This kit is mostly written and updated by other developers etc. Now I had the "bad luck" that my kit didn't get any more updates, so I started to develop my own kit. It all worked relatively well, there weren't many bugs and problems. After a long time, the developer of the "kit" has released an update and here the problems begins. I wrote the bot so that it works with my own tools, but it doesn't work with the new update from the origin kit.

So I'm in the process of fundamentally rewriting the bot to make it work with the latest update. This is very complex and costs a lot of time and nerves, this is the reason why there have been few updates lately. If the basic structure of the bot works, new updates will come again, but please be patience. 🙂

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